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             The Cisco Documentation Toolkit enables easy documentation of data center and branch
             office infrastructure. The tools include PuTTY, Cisco Active Advisor, Angry IP Scanner,
             Lucid Chart Drawing and Box. In addition there are device equipment forms and a network
             documentation roadmap guide. The software tools are started from the fast launch point
             and click menu.
             This is a terminal emulation client used for accessing Cisco switches, routers, firewalls
             and wireless devices. PuTTY supports Telnet and SSH connectivity for access to the
             network device CLI to run various IOS commands.
             Cisco Active Advisor
             The complexities of life cycle management led Cisco to develop a free cloud-based
             service for discovery and analysis of network inventory. The network engineer would
             sign-on to the web-based service and scan network inventory. The scan works similar
             to Cisco Network Assistant where there is a pre-defined sweep of an IP address range.
             The network devices are profiled for a variety of life cycle attributes and a report is
             generated. In addition there are switching, security and wireless best practice configuration
             CAA Reports:

              • End of Life Hardware
              • End of Life IOS Software
              • PSIRT Alerts
              • Service Contract Status
              • Warranty Coverage
              • Product Field Notices
              • Switching Configuration Audit
              • Security Configuration Audit
              • Wireless Configuration Audit

             Angry IP Scanner

             This is a popular software tool for network discovery of hostnames and IP addresses.
             It is a free open source software program under GPL v2 license. It supports a variety
             of network discovery protocols and detects hostnames based on a sweep of IP address
             Lucid Chart Drawing
             This is a cloud (SaaS) based drawing tool accessible from a web browser to create network
             topology drawings. It is compatible with Microsoft Visio and has an easy to use interface with
             no installation required. In addition there is encryption security and support for laptop and mobile
             network devices.
             This is a cloud (SaaS) based service for sharing files across the internet with no installation required.
             The tool makes it easy to setup folders and invite new guests. In addition to document management
             and file synchronization there is encryption security and support for mobile devices.

             Equipment Forms

              • WAN Topology
              • Campus Topology
              • Data Center Equipment
              • Multilayer Switches
              • Device Connectivity Table
              • Rack Elevations
              • WAN Connector Table
              • Wireless Devices
              • Branch Offices