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Packet Tracer Simulator

Packet Tracer is a network simulator that provides a virtual lab environment for CCNA candidates. The network simulator enables the candidate to configure, verify and troubleshoot network designs based on Cisco devices. Packet Tracer simulates the same IOS software as the physical devices. 

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The network devices all power-up when starting Packet Tracer as part of the simulated lab environment. Each network device on the topology is selected with a single click only. That opens a menu on routers and switches to allow configuration (CLI folder). The Physical folder allows for adding new hardware and restart device. Host folders have access to a command prompt and web browser.

Lab 1: Global Commands

Lab Summary: The global configuration commands are the same for Cisco switches and routers deployed with similar versions of IOS code. The following are standard global commands typically configured on all Cisco switches and routers.

Figure 1  Lab Topology

Lab Configuration

Download and Start Packet Tracer File:

Step 1: Click Switch icon and select the CLI Folder. Press <enter> key for user mode prompt:

Step 2: From the user mode prompt (>) type enable and press <enter> key:

Step 3: From enable mode prompt type the following to start configuration:

                        switch# configure terminal <enter>

Step 4: Configure a hostname for switch-1:         

                        switch(config)# hostname switch-1 <enter>

Step 5: Enable password encryption so that passwords are not readable in the configuration scripts:  

                        switch-1(config)# service password-encryption <enter>

Step 6: Configure an enable password for privileged EXEC mode <enter>  

                        switch-1(config)# enable password cisconet <enter>

Step 7: Configure a server where the switch will forward DNS requests:  

                        switch-1(config)# ip name-server <enter>

Step 8: Configure the local time zone for the switch to PST:  

                        switch-1(config)# clock timezone PST -8 <enter>

Step 9: Return to privileged EXEC mode prompt:  

                        switch-1(config)# end <enter> and <enter>

Step 10: Save the running configuration to the startup configuration file:

                        switch-1# copy running-config startup-config <2 x enter>

Step 11: Verify the configuration is correct and hit the space bar repeatedly until you reach the bottom of the script and return to enable mode prompt:

                        switch-1# show running-config <enter>

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