CCNP 350-401 ENCOR Exam

Cisco has recently made significant changes to the new CCNP certification. You will have to pass two exams to become certified. There is an enterprise core exam (350-401) and a concentration exam. Cisco CCNP Enterprise Core (ENCOR) also serves as the qualifying written test for the CCIE lab.

Interestingly, CCNA certification is no longer a prerequisite to take your CCNP certification. Cisco CCNA is recommended however, unless you have significant experience. Cisco has removed simulations from all CCNP exams. Instead you will analyze drawings and output from show commands to answer questions.

New CCNP Enterprise Topics!

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Core (350-401) new exam includes a significant amount of virtualization, automation, and wireless topics. That is attributed to the popularity of mobile devices, cloud computing and SDN. The management and troubleshooting of network infrastructure has been radically changed with open source architecture. Cisco network devices are programmable and network services are virtualized as well for both private and internet cloud connections.

There is a significant amount of theory on CCNP ENCOR exam with words such as describe and explain often used in the syllabus. CCNP configuration topics include routing protocols, STP, security and network assurance. Interestingly, there is only troubleshooting of trunk and EtherChannel interfaces.

Knowledge Domains

  • Architecture (15%)
  • Virtualization (10%)
  • Infrastructure (30%)
  • Network Assurance (10%)
  • Security (20%)
  • Automation (15%)

CCNP 350-401 ENCOR Syllabus

CCNP Practice Tests

Cisco CCNP certification has become increasingly complex with questions from multiple knowledge domains and topics. Practice tests are essential and when designed properly should verify what you have learned and your exam readiness. They are well worth the cost. You should verify your skills before going into an exam that is $400 USD. Each practice test should include the correct percentage of questions per topic. Practice until you score at least 85% and have honed your time management skills properly.

CCNP Enterprise Core (ENCOR) Practice Quiz

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